Farmville animals

Farmville animals: cute but not very productive

Farmville animals: cute but not very productive

A lot has happened since my last post. I have a lot to thank to Lisa Chan, Zynga’s blogger, who featured it.

I’ll cover the impact it had in my personal life in a later post. Today,  let’s figure out the economics of animals on Farmville.

Are they there just to look pretty? Should I sell them, ignore them, buy more?

We’ll work with the same assumptions we used for the treeconomics:

  • Investment period and residual value: the animal is sold for its residual value after 90 days.
  • Discount rate: to simplify I’ll do a comparison of investments.
  • Available investments:  at this point only the cow, chicken and sheep are available to purchase.

First we’ll compare the animals among themselves to see which one has the highest daily revenue:

Cost Revenue/Harvest Days to Harvest Daily Revenue Daily Rev/ Invested $ Days to Payback
Sheep $700.0 $28.0 3 $9.33 1.33% 75
Chicken $400.0 $8.0 1 $8.00 2.00% 50
Cow $300.0 $6.0 1 $6.00 2.00% 50

Not surprisingly the sheep wins.  On “bang per buck” (or ROI) both the chicken and cow look better though.

Let’s compare a 90 day investment in a square full of sheeps with some crops and trees. Don’t let cartoon logic fool you, you can actually fit 16 sheeps or chicken in a single Farmville square. Only 4 cows though.

Daily Profit Total Profit Initial investment Residual Value Profit
Date tree square $368.0 $33,120.0 $12,800.0 $640.0 $20,960.0
Tomatoes $174.0 $15,660.0 $15,660.0
Raspberries $132.0 $11,880.0 $11,880.0
Chicken square $128.0 $11,520.0 $6,400.0 $320.0 $5,440.0
Sheep square $149.3 $13,440.0 $11,200.0 $560.0 $2,800.0
Cow square $24.0 $2,160.0 $1,200.0 $60.0 $1,020.0

It seems that animals are not a great investment. It turns out that the best among them is a chicken square, given that the cost is much lower than a sheep square. However, it is still lower than, for example, pineapples.

Animals in Farmville will earn you badges but won’t make you rich. They also make a beautiful gift for your friends.

~ by ppaniagua on September 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Farmville animals”

  1. excellent x

  2. I’m kind of glad to know that animals aren’t great for “investment” purposes. I have too much fun watching them and having my Avatar pet them. The way they jump and exude hearts is just too cute. It makes me smile.

  3. Hi-I don’t really know about blogs, but I found this useful. Could you pass a question along for me? I can’t seem to get the correct username and password to ask a question another way.
    Between level 30 and 31 I earned only 2 Farm Cash, which seems way too little! Is my program broken?

  4. not anymore

    adopt calfs put them in 4×4 square = 1280 daily much more than any crop.
    i have more than 100 calfs on my farm

    u cud also use goose for this purpose gives same returns

  5. I like cows because I can put them in a barn and from then on they are 0 maint except for one click a day to harvest. Not only that, they can generate occasional fertilizer bonuses. I’d hate to have to click on 16 of anything crammed in a small square. Now, can I have a second chicken coop? Or a third? the little creatures are running all over the place. Which by the way, in a study on economics, you would also need to consider the value of possible ribbon awards per category of animal, tree, fruit, egg collecting etc… and … to be real accurate, you have to get into XP points earned as they have value as well.

  6. […] Panaguia has written two posts in a row breaking down the economics of planting different trees and raising various animals on […]

  7. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make
    this website yourself or did you

    hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and

    would like to know where u got this from. appreciate it

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